Barbie Doll Bunk Beds Can Be Used For 3 Dolls

Barbie Beds For Kids

Do your girls love Barbie? Perhaps your children want to collect anything about Barbie including their
furniture. Barbie doll bunk beds can be a great safer for parents in giving them toys because if your
children have more than one Barbie, then you can have one bunk bed for them. The design is so
stylish and girlish so your children perhaps want to have the same bed like their toys. You can know
the feature of the Barbie bunk beds.

Barbie Doll Bunk Beds is Completed with Extra Mattresses

Barbie and also her sister can spend their private and special time together in one bed. If you buy the
one set of Barbie furniture, you may get Barbie doll bunk beds too for convenience in playing. The
bunk bed can be used by three dolls. It can give your girls fun but it can save your money since your
don’t have to buy one bed for one Barbie. The sisters can get 2 levels of bunk bed with extra one
mattress which is of course made of durable plastic. The bedcover is so colorful with flower prints in
pink color.
It has white color overall for the bed and pink color for the mattresses. It is completed with pillows and
blankets. The pillow is basically becoming one with the mattresses. The ladder is placed in front of the
bed not beside it. It has pops of color and it can match with the contemporary style. It has drawers yet
it can’t be open because it is just the accessories for bunk bed. There are so many parents happy
about this toy because they don’t need to spend more money for one doll but the children can stay
However, some customers give little bad reviews because they have to buy other accessories
separately and they need more money to collect all stuffs for creating the bedroom for Barbie. Overall,
Barbie doll bunk beds can make them happy. Meanwhile, it is not suitable for children under three
years old to play this since it can cause chocking hazard.

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