Bunk Bed Trundle: Super Practical!

Build Bunk Bed Trundle

Bunk bed trundle – This children’s litter looks very sophisticated both for its design and for the decoration of the room. The structure of the litter also resembles a two-storey building or the facade of a house. The white color, the curvature and the integrated cabinet, green water door with white handle, makes it look super modern. Mention aside they deserve the decorative details, like the mural in the wall that reflects to a Muslim metropolis; the carpet of irregular shapes; the drawer, which alternates pine and white colors in drawers of ascending size, giving the feeling of steps. Finally, the bedding, with pine-colored duvets and sheets with small spots in red and black.

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With wooden blocks are created structures that resemble the walls of a building, achieving a dimensional effect. With these elements, the litter takes the form of the facade of a house or a room. Besides the genius in the effect of the design, this bunk bed trundle becomes super practical furniture when concentrating three uses: The double bed and wardrobe, with drawers included. Special mention deserves the decorative value it brings. Minimalist style, this furniture looks quite sophisticated with its smooth finishes and thin ceiling lamps. A robust structure that offers children comfort and security.

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These children’s bunk bed trundle has a very light structure, supported by thin wooden structures. A piece of furniture that occupies the exact space for what was done: sleeping. Very adoc with the Mediterranean ambiance and the structure of the room the blue king tone and the quilts of circles give it a cheerful and modern look. Another design of children’s berths of Mediterranean style, where we return to observe light forms. The beds are separate. The circles that form at the base of the high bed proportion a playful touch, which is complemented by quilts and curtain with children’s decorative figures.