Bunk Bed With Crib Underneath

Bunk Bed With Crib Underneath Hack

Bunk Bed With Crib Underneath – The event of the arrival of a baby arouses a lot of illusion and expectation, especially when it is the first one that reaches the family. And with the event, new decisions are also born around the baby. Most, you relate to your room; and inside the room, around the crib. Fortunately, there are many models and designs in baby bedrooms so that the decision is not complicated. The cribs, in particular, are one of the most sought after sets and the tendency is increasing to opt for convertible structures that take into account.

Not only the growth of the baby, but also the tasks of cleaning and diaper change so characteristic of this stage of the lifetime. At four and a half, I asked again, then at 5, at 5 and a half and so on all the time. As I shared a room with her younger sister, it started to seem like a good idea, particularly to save space and have more space to play, read, and so on. So when I turned 6, I bought the bunk bed with crib underneath. And the same day they gave it, the problems began. When the litter arrived, it was all shouting, bouncing, dancing, and happiness. She said “upstairs was her bunker” and that no one could climb. She arranged her pillows and was delighted. Then the night came.

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Since I was born, spent some time with her at night, sometimes hours, sometimes minutes. As a baby I would lull her, I would lie down with her, read to her, I would sleep in her bed with her for a while … For her, it was a lifelong tradition. When space accompanies, or not, according to the circumstances, we can choose this other train arrangement, much more original, and opens the possibility of fitting the cradle structure next to a bunk bed with crib underneath. Underneath the bunk is installed a cabinet structure and drawers as a comfortable or symphonic where to store clothes or other utensils.

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