Children Bunk Beds Ideas

Minimalist Children Bunk Beds

Children bunk beds – It often happens that families, in which several children who grow up, face the problem of lack of sufficient space in the play room and children’s entertainment due to the fact that the whole observable area crammed with furniture. Finding a way to get out of this situation very easily with the help of a litter, which is quite possible to design your own hands? Frequently in childhood, except for beds and other necessary furniture, such as cabinets, computer tables, bookcases, bookshelves and the like. If the room is small, it is only a tight space that stays between all the displayed furniture, adapted to the door.

They are suitable not only for the rooms, but for two children at home, but also for an older child. First, the extra space will never be more, and it is safe to find that it is using it, and secondly, to the free space that the bedroom was, you can do the table work, equipment, as well as drawers and shelves for the Storage of children. To make a bed all by itself, you need a basic knowledge of how to work carpentry tools, as well as patience and free time. To make floor children bunk beds with your own hands, you must first create a project and design the future design taking into account the following important points. Should be a size that will fit not only baby boys even a teenager, so do not change a few years when it is big.

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In the design used in the mattress depends on the size. If they are ready to buy, it should come from its dimensions, but if you want to do everything yourself, the standard size of a single bed is 180 x 80 cm. Between the lower and upper levels should suffice for an adult, crouching on the children bunk beds, with the head not touching the top berth. But too high and its presence is not desirable because in this case, the design becomes less stable and is therefore not secure. Also within the maximum limit, it always collects hot air and the child can undergo unpleasant situations. Should be quite stiff because it is not just a holiday destination, but also a fierce place to play, jumping, falling, etc. Even if one of the parents sits on it, he should not be forgiven under his weight. Also forget the fence, especially relevant to the second level.

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