Colorful And Fun Castle Bunk Bed

Castle Bunk Bed Color

Castle bunk bed – The different design we mentioned earlier is like this. It is like a normal bunk, but also takes advantage of the space to place cabinets and drawers. A litter train that blends children’s favorite colors, blue and green, colors that fit well with the decor of the room. It is based on two single beds, the top with railing for the safety of your child. The bunk train is not a simple litter, this has drawers to store and get more space in the room. The lower bed has a wall to simulate a box inside the literal. The good thing about these bunks is that they have cabinets or drawers that are invisible and easy to use, in addition to the design of the room and the bunk.

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It is a litter castle bunk bed, for children with a spatial theme. The red and gray colors make a perfect match for a childlike atmosphere. The train berths are characteristic by their peculiar shape, i.e. as a castle bunk but the second part slipped from the first to use the free space in cupboards or drawers as seen in the image, forming the face of the train. However, some train berths have the same function but with a different design.

If you have twins, this design for girls will love it. This is elegant and effeminate train litter concept. With a minimalist style, the colors in the textiles highlight the idea of ​​this train berth. Because it is for girls, it has steps, for children, it usually has stairs. The pink stick color creates a subdued and pleasant environment for girls. This bunk train is just as different from the castle bunk bed which has the shape of two sliding beds. This litter train may look like a normal litter and common, however it is not. This bunk trains a closet where you can store any kind of stuff and drawers on the stairs to get more other objects.

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