Custom Doll Bunk Beds

Doll Bunk Beds Plywood

Doll Bunk Beds – Any little girl playing with dolls wants her favorite dolls had everything needed. This is especially true of the bed. And the parents meanwhile want to give their children everything they want. Before buying a rest yet another target of doll furniture, think, because of the bunk bed for dolls with their own hands a good alternative to buying. Cradle for dolls can be made from various materials, such as cardboard or plywood. But to be stronger and more durable wooden frame. You can also build a doll bed for the box, but today, in a workshop, we will show you how to make a doll bed with your own hands made of plywood.

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To begin we define the desired length of the bed. This length of dolls more than a few centimeters. Then make marks on a plywood sheet. It will be five parts: the main part, two back, and two side bars. A bottom can saw so the bed shook. All corners and edges are processing sandpaper. Put all the pieces together the beds. Child will absolutely love these doll bunk beds. You can decorate the bunk bed if you have painted it as you wish. Be sure to sew sheets for the bed. Favorite doll If not one, but all that two, you can make only one bed like this bunk bed will delight your child. White background backgrounds. For backs, we will need a second box or a cardboard sheet.

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Cut to the back, which is located at the foot of the doll bunk beds, a rectangle height of 7 cm and a width of 12 centimeters. Behind the piece on both sides of the white paper. Best runners make a figure. Decorate with paper strips back, placing them in the form of a fan. The decoration is done on both sides back to the bed, it was lovely from all sides. By the back, which is in the head, cut from a carton a height of 12 cm and a width of 12 centimeters?