Decorating Ideas For Low Ceiling Bunk Beds

Low Ceiling Bunk Beds For Sale

Low Ceiling Bunk Beds – When you have to decorate your basement, the height of the ceiling can play a big role in helping you choose what you would do, especially if you have a very low ceiling. Low ceilings create a design dilemma. Unfortunately, if the decor is not handled gracefully, the entire basement can end up like a cave. In the same way, as the high ceiling gives the impression of a much larger room, the low ceiling can make the room look small and narrow, though it is not.

You need to avoid using fluorescent lights in the basement with low ceiling bunk beds. This will make your basement seem smaller, fainter, and more like a cave. You will also find that the hidden ceiling lights notice how low the ceiling is and actually make the room feel smaller. Anyway, you can you want to open up space in the basement to make it bigger and create a narrow feeling created from the low ceiling. For example, you want to keep the furniture that is placed around the room so that the center is open and appear more spacious. In the recreation room, you might consider putting the furniture in a small group in the corner of the room. Any arrangement you can come up with leaves that the central open space will deceive people into thinking the room is bigger.

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A newer trend in darker paint colors will not work in the basement with low ceiling bunk beds. Instead of looking bright and happy, they will try to make the area appear smaller and narrower. Use light colors for walls. For window treatments, try to let as many windows unfold as more light goes into the room. Depending on what type of window you have, you might consider a tie curtain and a mosquito net at the top. You can always install a mini blind if you need more privacy. Using a mirror on the wall can open the view from the room to the fullest. You can also place a mirror on the opposite wall of each other that will reduce the ceiling and make the room look like it continues forever.

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