Full Over Full Size Bunk Bed For Adults

Beautiful Bunk Bed For Adults

Bunk bed for adults – Although at first sight it may seem unusual, a bunk bed for adults is a good arrangement for crowded shared stalls such as college dorms or a hunting lodge. It provides comfortable sleeping arrangements while minimizing the floor area. Full mattresses are ideal for this project because they have more space than twins but do not require extra support as a queen or king mattress should.

Use drill with the same diameter as your bolts. Position two holes 2 3/4 inch and 3 1/2 inches from one end of the beam and the other two holes at the same distance from the other end. Drill two holes 3/4 inches apart in all your 6- with 6-inch posts, running in a line perpendicular to the length of the post. Use a drill with the same diameter as your bolts. Place the holes 1 foot from the end of the beam. The opposite end of each beam, four hole end of each beam, two 1 foot from each end of the beam. Connect the rectangular beams with two screws in each corner, drilled through the long beams at the ends of the short beams. Place a plywood board on top of the rectangle and attach it with a screw in each corner. Then build the other frame bunk bed for adults.

Set support posts approximately where they should stand when the bed is fully built. The holes you have drilled should run parallel to what will be the short side of the bunk bed for adults. For the lower platform in place at the level of the bottom hole of the hole. Secure it with eight of the screws, nuts and washers. Use wrench to tighten them. Slide the upper platform into place at the same level as the top hole. Secure it with the remaining bolts, nuts and washers. Use wrench to tighten them.

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