IKEA Bunk Beds Kids Ideas

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IKEA Bunk Beds Kids Contemporary

IKEA bunk beds kids – Sharing a room with a sibling can be a bonding experience for the kids, but mounting two beds in the same room is often difficult. Stack beds in bunk beds to save space and create a fun addition to the room at the same time.

Slide Bunks

That picture is a playground classic. Twirl slides, straight slides and pale pictures are all favorite IKEA bunk beds kids. Suspending the smooth surface of a sloping plane never gets old, and getting a bunk with a picture attached to the top ensures that the winner of the night’s flood will have a nice morning. Turning your IKEA bunk beds kids in a pack of extra blankets is an option, but why do you do when you can have a bunk bed that has built-in curtains and walls? Playhouse bunk beds offer a room in the room for your children to enjoy during the day and sleep at night. These are often found in styles that suit girls, boys, or a matched couple.

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Pirate Bunks

With newer movies like “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and old classics like “Treasure Island” and “Peter Pan” pirate theme, it is very much like the children. Getting a bed piracy bed can turn every day into an open sea adventure for your children, and allow them to sail away in dreams of hidden treasures every night. Being an astronaut is a regular career goal for young children, and a IKEA bunk beds kids space shuttle bed is sure to blast them into a whole new world of dreams every night. During the day, the children can ride their space shuttle to the moon and beyond, with friends who are taking part in the field control back here on planet Earth to help with any mechanical or navigation needs.

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