Ikea Bunk Beds Metal Futon Mounting Instruction

Ikea Bunk Beds Metal With Couch

Ikea bunk beds metal – Futons are furniture that can quickly convert between a sofa and a bed. For small, narrow spaces, futon can replace both giving a seating area as well as a primary or guest bed. The Swedish furniture maker IKEA sells BEDDINGE L – V … S, a metal futon that can be completely constructed with only the tools included in the package. Inventory building materials: the futon, the package should contain a key: a key tool, eight 100,194 size bolts, four 110,077 size bolts ending in small dots, four smaller 110,078 size bolts, 12 washers and 12 nuts. The package should also contain two long frame pieces, two two-leg pieces.

Also two hinge sets of “1” and “2” labels on them, a seat section “1” and a back section “2.” Attach the two long frame pieces to the two two-piece pieces using the four 110,077 pointed ends screws to create the bottom frame. The hooks on the leg pieces should be turned inward towards the center of the futon ikea bunk beds metal. Attach hinges on the inside of the frame with four smaller 110,078 bolts, washers and nuts. The “1” label on both hinges should be on the front of the futon frame. Tighten bolts and nuts using key tools and wrenches.

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Lower the seat part marked “1” on top of the frame. Use four long 100194 bolts, washers and nuts. These to attach the seat to the hinges in the holes on both sides of the “1” labels. Tighten the screws using a wrench and key tools. Adjust the spine, labeled “2”, flat on the frame and use four long 100194 bolts, washers and nuts to attach back to the hinges in the holes on both sides of the “2” labels. Tighten the screws with the key and turn the key. Add futon mattress to the frame and zip the two pieces together. And the ikea bunk beds metal futon was done.

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