Ingenious Bunk Beds Twin Over Full With Storage

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Black Bunk Beds Twin Over Full With Storage

Bunk beds twin over full with storage – Up or down? How could I not remember those discussions with siblings, cousins ​​and friends of whom I was going to sleep upstairs or downstairs when there was a litter? These types of bunk beds twin over carry us to our childhood and youth, but they are not always exclusively for the youngest, they can also serve as an excellent space and storage solution in a room. I’ll show you ingenious design for a litter that makes the time of a small loft. Accents in sky blue color are contrasted by black accessories in bedspreads and pillows.

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One of example is fun bunk beds twin over full with storage for boys have bright accents in green, aqua blue and navy blue. The modernity and clean geometry that prevails in the design of the furniture, is complemented by the texture of the rectangular rugs of artificial grass, and the litter, recharged to the wall, contributes not only a space to rest, but its drawers in the part lower storage space give their occupants more storage space.  This allows for more space in the room until the extra bed is needed.

As mentioned above, this system has an extra bed that slides under the top bed, which is a practical solution to have extra space and satisfy the need for a place to rest for 2 people.  This solution for a small space or a totally open floor, creates 3 rooms in one: a living room at the bottom, protected by the structure of the same piece of furniture, a small library on the outside in each of the shelves that create an interesting game of non-repetitive rhythms and finally a bunk beds twin over full with storage solution at the top where the bed is . Really witty!

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