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Queen over queen bunk bed – one way to help save space is to use bunk beds. Buy bunk beds, however, can be a bit expensive. If you have any tools and materials, you can build your own bunk beds for about $ 100. By building your own bunk beds, you can save money and be proud that you did something for your children that they will use every day. Queen over queen bunk bed furniture. Build a rectangle with two pieces of 75-inch 2-by-6 and two of 41-1 / 2 inch. The 75-inch discs should be in between 41-1 / 2 inch discs. Screw them into the corners using three wooden screws and cover the screws with wooden plugs. Repeat this for the second set of 2-by-6 discs. Place four pieces of 38-1 / 2-inch 2-of-4 in the center of the rectangles.

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Stand your 68-inch 2-of-4 action 9 inches and 48 inches from the floor. Nail the rectangle frames to 2-by-4 frames at these heights to form queen over queen bunk bed furniture. The nails hold the frames and send together as you drill holes for the wagon bumps. Make sure everything is square and there are two holes where each post meets a corner of the frame. Place a carriage bolt in the hole and fasten on the other side with a washer and nut. You should have 16 bolts that hold up the frame.

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Queen over queen bunk bed furniture, use two 75-inch and 41-1 / 2-inch 2-of-4, build a rectangle and screw together with two screws on each of the joints. From the bottom of the posts, measure 55-3 / 4 inches and 61-1 / 2 inches. The two 2-by-4 rectangles fit around the posts at these heights and will serve as the protective rails for the oversee. Screw them into the posts with two screws in each corner. Place plywood in each of the 2-by-6 frames, and tighten the support bars and frame sides.

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